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Hanen Program Singapore
ASHA approved Singapore

1. Taking Parent Coaching to the Next Level - Helping Parents Make Behavioural Changes

   that Stick!


2. Helping Parents of Late Talkers Use Gestures to Support Expressive Language Development


3. Helping Parents use Routines to Promote Young Children's Interaction and Language Skills


4. First Steps - A Diagnostic Intervention for Toddlers with Suspected Motor Speech Difficulties


5. Sharing Sensitive News with Parents


6. Choosing Initial Vocabulary Targets for Children who are Late Talkers (Hanen Members only)

Please head to the Hanen website to find out more about each e-seminar.


Get 30% discount off listed prices below for a single registration. Please email to obtain a further discount for group registrations (35-40% discount).
Proceed to Hanen website to enter discount code when registering for your respective e-seminar.
Hanen training pricing
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