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The Make Play R.O.C.K.™ Booklet Series offers practical strategies for expanding the play skills of young children with autism and other communication difficulties.

Each booklet focuses on a critical aspect of play and offers research-based, easy-to-follow guidance for effectively promoting children’s play and interaction skills while having fun together.

Make Play R.O.C.K. ™ Booklet Series Combo Pack

  • Booklet 1: Plan for People Play shows parents how they can build their child’s interaction skills during “people games” (games without toys). Booklet 2: Take Out the Toys focuses on expanding children’s “functional play” – the kind of early toy play that involves doing conventional or “expected” actions on toys. Booklet 3: Put Pretending into Your Child’s Play shows parents how to build their child’s pretend play skills – skills that are closely linked to the development of language, social and emotional skills.
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