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Does your child:

  • Struggle at school? Dread going to school?

  • Difficulties reading out loud? Writing an essay?

  • Require 1:1 attention with homework?

Signs & Symptoms of Learning Difficulties:

  • Difficulties following instructions

  • Takes a long time to process information, gives delayed responses

  • Trouble learning the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, days of the week

  • Trouble learning the connection between letters and sounds

  • Difficulties with blending sounds together

  • Confuses simple words despite constant reminders

  • Consistently misspells words and makes frequent errors

  • Slow to learn new skills

  • Difficulty with reading comprehension

  • Trouble with open-ended questions that require inferential skills

  • Poor organisational skills (bedroom, homework, desk is often messy and disorganised)


If your child has persistent difficulties in a certain area, it might indicate that he or she has a learning disorder.

Children with learning disabilities need to be taught in different ways to suit their unique learning style. By tailoring to their individual needs, we can help them to succeed in school.

We are experienced in working with preschool, lower and upper primary children.

Contact us to find out more.

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