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Language On The Go!

Using everyday activities can be a great way to practise speech, language and literacy skills.These activities can also change a mundane routine into a fun and interactive one. The child may also not realise that you are practising speech and language skills because the activity is fun.

Expand your child’s vocabulary during various daily routines by talking to your child and modelling the words for them.

1. At the playground - Talk about what the people at the playground are doing:

• Verbs: chase, play, run, throw • Nouns: bench, sandpit, see-saw, swing • Prepositions: down the slide, through the tunnel

2. Bath time - Introduce new vocabulary: • Verbs: brush, dry, scrub, splash • Nouns: bathtub, soap, tap, towel • Prepositions: hang the towel up, in the tub

3. In the car - Talk about what you see in the surroundings as you are driving with your child: • Verbs: cross, go, ride, stop • Nouns: pedestrians, traffic lights, trees, zebra crossing

• Prepositions: look in front, what’s behind?

4. Mealtime - Get your child to help with simple tasks setting up the table:

• Verbs: eat,drink,put,take • Nouns: bowl, cutlery, glass, mat • Prepositions: on the chair, under the table

Everyday opportunities can be entertaining and provide simple ways to focus on speech and language. Use your imagination as almost any daily event can be turned into a fun and educational game that your child enjoys!

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